Match PEAK Products & Get Better Results

PEAK products are formulated to give you the results you expect and want for your horses. Get better results when you match some together!


Stronger joints in horses with arthritis

Supporting joints in horses during colder months is crutial. Special attention need to be given to horses with arthritis. Glucosamine & MSM & Chondroitin Sulphate are used to aid joint repair and reduce stiffness.


Increased stamina

DMG can be fed in combination with PEAK STAMINA- oxygen levels in the blood are increased as well as delay of lactic acid build-up, and the horse can therefore perform at its best for longer.


Winter immunity booster

WIND EZE is a liquid supplement, a powerful combination for your horses breathing. It eliminates coughs. DIGEST+ improves condition and performance and boosts the immune system during the winter.