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LIQUID Help to reduce pain in muscles
  • Delay lactic acid build up in muscles
  • Reduces the chances of muscles acting incorrectly when in exercise
  • The muscles can be put through more rigorous training without feeling the “burn”.
  • Longer training leads to improved muscle build up.
  • Improved muscle build up can lead to better performance in competition.

As DMG prevents the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles, then we can answer this question by finding out:

High levels of lactic acid cause soreness in muscles. When lactate is produced, it produces another component along with it, namely hydrogen ions. This slows the energy reactions by interfering with the electrical signals in the nerves and muscles. It also leads to impairment of muscle contractions. Hence there is a burning sensation, whenever there is a rigorous exercise. This occurrence is called the delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). DOMS leads to an increase in blood flow, resulting in an inflammation of muscle tissues and muscle pain.

To put it simply, if we can delay the build-up of Lactic Acid in muscles during exercise, we can reduce pain in muscles, prevent muscles from contracting involuntary and also reduce that burning sensation which we all feel when muscles are in heavy exercise.

Daily Dosage:

Small Dog (Up to 10kg) 2ml

Medium Dog (10-20kg) 4ml

Large Dog (20+ kg) 6ml

 10 ml syringe enclosed for measurement


Strong work or competition:

Give the Daily Dosage with morning feed and double Daily Dosage with evening feed

for 3 days prior to event. Continue in this way until 2 days following the event and

then revert to the Daily Dosage feeding programme.

Active Ingredient:


DMG is available in 500ml and 1 litre bottles. 

For animal use only.