peakhorse joint supplement for older horses with arthritis


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  • Helps to relieve arthritis and pain
  • Helps relieve dogs of pains in their joints.

  • Gives the animal a chance to prevent and overcome arthritis.

  • Should always be given after orthopaedic surgery to prevent arthritis from setting in.

  • Helps to recover fully from hip and other joint surgery.

  • Relieves pain and helps to prevent arthritis from developing further.

  • Liquid dog joint supplement- customers say it is the best on the market!
ARTHRO FIT works on relieving the pains and aches that especially older dogs get when suffering from arthritis. It particularly works well on types of dogs prone to get arthritis in their hips, and large dogs that have a big skeletal frame.  
It has helped dogs to get back from dragging themselves around to walking properly again, and in doing so easing their pains and making them an altogether happier dog. It helps many pets each day to live a better life.

What is in ARTHRO FIT?

ARTHRO FIT contains a high concentration of the ingredient Chondroitin Sulphates, which is of the highest quality you can get, namely Human grade.

Nature's joint lubricants are called glycosaminoglycans ("GAGS"). They are made by the joint tissues and keep the joint fluid thick, maintain a moist, gliding cartilage surface and protect the joint capsule. GAGS called chondroitin sulphates fight damaging enzymes that reduce the quality of the joint fluid. This reduction can cause damage to the joint surfaces.

When joint inflammation becomes established the chondroitin sulphates can be stripped from the joint faster than the body can replace them. The joints of older dogs also suffer from wear and tear incurred during normal running, walking, yes just moving. In these cases, self-produced chondroitin sulphate is often not available in sufficient quantity to provide smooth joint performance. ARTHRO FIT can make up the shortfall of chondroitin sulphate in your dog and cat.


Active ingredients:

Chondroitin Sulphate


Daily Dosage:

Dogs (Up to 20kg): 1ml

Dogs (20kg+): 2ml

Give double dosage for the first 5 days

10 ml syringe enclosed for measurement

ARTHRO FIT is available in 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre bottles.

 For animal use only.