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      Healthy copper levels in your horse

       COPPERFAST can help to:

      • Achieve healthy bone, hair, hoof growth. 
      • Vitamin for bone strength.
      • Bring on good condition.
      • Increase overall health & stamina.
      • Prevent muscle disease.

      COPPERFAST should be given:

      • Anaemia: Copper is required for the production of the pigment in red blood cells.
      • Increased incidence of epiphysitis in young stock.
      • Dullness in the coat and poor hooves. This can be especially seen when horses are turned out in the spring.
      • Poor fertility. Copper availability is essential for enzyme activity and improved reproduction.

      Copper is an essential mineral for horses and as many pastures are copper deficient, correct supplementation is essential. COPPERFAST is a new formulation of copper, quickly absorbed into the system through the small intestine. 

      * Before feeding COPPERFAST it is essential to establish that a copper deficiency actually exists - please speak to your vet.

      Active ingredients per 30ml:

      Copper 100 mg (as Cupric acetate) E4, Copper 300 mg (as Cupric acetate Glycine Hydrate) E4.

      Recommended Dosage:

        • For adult horses: Give a 30ml syringe every 10-14 days.
        • For Foals: Give half a syringe every 10-14 days.


          COPPERFAST comes in paste form in a 30ml syringe.

          For animal use only.