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    A complete pre-racing diuretic

    • Herbal diuretic with strong effects
    • Can help prevent EIHL
    • Can help horses to come back from EIHL

    HOMOPLUS is a herbal mixture that works naturally with the horse's system to produce an optimum diuretic effect. Within the horse racing industry weighted opinion suggests that the application of a diuretic to horses which experience EIHL is beneficial.

    We recommend feeding our liquid electrolyte PEAKS shortly before and after racing when using HOMOPLUS, to ensure a healthy fluid balance is restored after the race.

    Recommended Dosage:

    • Give 1 syringe (30 ml) 4 hours prior to competition or strong work.


    • HOMOPLUS comes in paste form in a 30ml syringe.
    • HOMOPLUS does not contain any prohibited substances. For animal use only.

    Active Ingredients: F.E. Buchu,  F.E. Uva Ursi,  F.F. Corn Silk,  F.E. Juniper.