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PEAKS Electrolytes

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    • LIQUID Fluid balance
    • Restores the electrolyte balance and replaces lost fluids quickly
    • Give orally before and after competition/racing
    • Feed daily to prevent dehydration
    • Maintains a healthy fluid balance in your horse's body

    50 days Supply in 1 litre

    Dehydration can affect your horse’s performance in a negative way. Give PEAKS daily to ensure dehydration does not occur and to keep your horse fit and healthy.

    Notes on Electrolytes

    Electrolytes are chemical substances that are essential to the proper functioning of the muscles, nerves and kidneys. Horses lose electrolytes in a number of ways; sweat, saliva, urine or diarrhoea. The loss rate can be increased by travel induced stress, increased work rates, hot weather, over use of some drugs (particularly diuretics), infections causing excessive sweating and/or diarrhoea. Research indicates that excessive electrolyte loss can contribute to acidosis and contributes to a general loss of performance. In addition it has been shown that replacement is most effective when carried out over longer periods. The composition of ingredients in electrolytes is particularly important as the ingredients interact with each other and with the right proportion of each ingredient the resulting effect can be seen very clearly. PEAKS is administered orally i.e. placed in feed, dissolved in water or given orally. Water should be available at all times to horses receiving PEAKS.

    Recommended Dosage:

    • Maintenance feeding programme: 20 ml per day.
    • Strong work feeding programme: 20 ml 4 hours before competition and 20 ml when the horse has cooled out after competition.
    • Acute need: 40 ml per day .Give in feed, water or orally using syringe provided.


    • PEAKS is available in liquid form in 1 litre and 10 litres containers.
    • We supply an oral syringe for administration with the 1 litre bottles.
    • PEAKS does not contain any prohibited substances. For animal use only.

    Active Ingredients per 20ml: Glycine,  Vitamin C,  Vitamin E,  Sodium Citrate, Magnesium Sulphate,  Potassium Chloride,  Sodium Free,  Potassium Sulphate,  Sodium Chloride.  

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