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Healthy Hoof growth

100 days Supply in 2 kg

BIOTIN Boost can help to:

  • Encourage hoof growth and improve weak or cracked hooves
  • Improve brittle feed incapable of holding shoes
  • Recover from chronic laminitis, cracked and dry hooves

BIOTIN Boost should be given:

  • Daily when horse’s hooves are cracked, dry or brittle
  • When the horse’s hooves needs to improve in growth
  • When a horse shows sign of chronic laminitis

Provides nutrients to support and nourish the hoof. This sulphur enriched formula supports hoof growth and the integrity of the hoof, with MACC Chelated zinc for maximum absorption.

There is 19mg of Biotin in a daily dosage of BIOTIN Boost, which is the dosage recommended by scientists and which makes it one of the most concentrated products available on the market.


BIOTIN Boost can be fed daily as a dietary healthy hoof support for horses.

  • Introductory feeding programme: For a period of 5-10 days add 50g twice a day to a regular feed.
  • Maintenance feeding programme: Maintain feeding rate at 25g per head per day thereafter.


BIOTIN Boost comes in 2 kg containers.

For animal use only. 

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