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  • GEL Works immediately on shins and tendons
  • Regenerates heat and blood flow to injuries
  • Unique – For both hard and soft tissue

SHIN-EZE helps to heat up and increase blood flow to sore shins, injuries and tendons. It is unique as it works on both hard and soft tissue.

Using SHIN-EZE as part of a leg care programme increases the effective results and keeps shins and tendons healthy for longer.

When doing an alteration between applying gels that generate hot and cold processes to the legs, we recommend using SHIN-EZE for the hot process and a cooling gel, for the cooling process. This combination gives great results.

SHIN-EZE is a gel that works to reduce shin discomfort which is often associated with exercising and/or competing on hard ground or inappropriate exercise activity for young horses that are still growing. SHIN-EZE can also be used in conjunction with COOL IT! to help soothe any discomfort in joint, tendon and soft tissue caused by incidents of over-work.

SHIN-EZE contains a combination of extracts of comfrey root, marigold oil and menthol. The extracts of comfrey root, which include tannin, assist in the maintenance of proper cell metabolism under adverse conditions. Marigold oil and menthol act locally to maintain good blood flow.

Note: For use as part of a programme as an aid to more complex recuperation, use a cooling gel initially until the colling effect is no longer required, then use SHIN-EZE for  2 – 3 weeks.

SHIN-EZE comes in a 500g container.