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  • Skin cream
  • Helps relieve Mud-rash
  • Natural soothing, herbal ointment
  • Aids the repair of broken skin and preventing scars

    EQUI-HEEL is an ointment for use on any area where skin has been harmed and for your horse’s skin that is exposed to wet and muddy conditions. It maintains its effect in adverse ground conditions. EQUI-HEEL contains extract of plantain, marigold oil and natural Vitamin E.

    Notes on skin care:

    Mud-rash is caused by a bacteria, Dermatophilis congolensis that also causes problems like Rain Scald and Greasy skin. The bacteria lives in the mud and but also likes to breed in the skin if given the chance.

    The best way of treating such difficult patches of skin is to keep the affected area dry and clean while applying preparations which kill off the bad bacteria and not the good ones while stimulating skin cells to divide quickly. Creams containing Marigold have a positive effect. Sometimes it is also useful to feed a supplement in the food which does the same job from the inside. It is advisable to use an immune booster which speeds natural healing of all the skin cells whilst supporting the body’s immune system to fight of the Dermatophilis bacteria.

    We recommend EQUI-PEAK and/or DIGEST+ as a strong immune booster.

    Recommended Use:

    Apply EQUI-HEEL as required to wounds, cuts, grazes and cracked skin. Rather more than too little.


    EQUI-HEEL comes in a 500g container.

    For animal use only.

      Active Ingredients:
      Marigold extract, Plantain extract and Vitamin E.


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