Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality effective products for the horse industry and to ensure top health care for horses. We work hard to maintain a personal and reliable customer service. We aim to be the horse professionals chosen partner for their horse’s nutritional needs.


The PEAK brand of nutritional supplements for horses was created in 1992. The range off equine supplements is selling successfully by our established distributors, vets and retailers internationally. The range is built on a high standard and quality to enable our products to live up to our customers’ expectations. We have 29 years of experience and confidence that our products work

The PEAK range is known in the business to only supply horse health supplements that give results and that cares for the horses in the most kind and effective way. We are horse people ourselves and we know how much effort goes into maintaining good horse health. It takes a lot of time from everybody involved and we appreciate these efforts and have therefore developed a range of supplements that compliments these serious efforts made by other horse people.

We have a strong Team of highly skilled and friendly people working with us. Among these is veterinarian Bernard Stoffel who specialises in nutrition. Bernard works on our product formulations to ensure their efficiency and contents match our high standards.

We find that most buyers of supplements have the desire to learn more about how and when to use them and the benefits that can be expected when using them correctly. We answer many questions every day from our customer base and we are pleased to play our part in extending the use of supplements globally, as a viable, efficient replacement and/or addition to medicines in many cases.


The expertise and skill of the PEAK Team brings together the application of progressive science, biochemistry and vast international, hands-on experience to develop manufacture and market our top-of-the-range products.

 It is company policy at PEAK HORSE that we only use the highest grade available of raw materials.


All PEAK products are developed and manufactured to the highest quality specifications and all manufacturing plants operate according to strictly maintained quality management systems and GMP standards.