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PASTE Probiotic for a healthy gut

DIGEST FIT is a naturally formulated strong probiotic ideal in the daily battle against gut disease, gut imbalance and diet deficiency. It helps your dog’s upset tummy.
Also helps to regain lost appetite.

Pets suffer from many of the same digestion problems as us owners. These digestion problems come from:
o Eating cooked food
o Eating processed food
o Feeding off environmentally inadequate foods
o Stress and fatigue.
o Infection


To combat the illnesses relating to problems of the gut, DIGEST FIT has been formulated. This product is designed to break down the foods and fats which we feed to our dogs through their daily diet. Pets have a digestion system geared to processing raw foods, and unprocessed vegetables and fruits. When we feed dry and tinned foods we try to replace their natural diets with a food which is adequate but which is still unnatural. DIGEST FIT is a supplementary aid which helps our pets to break down these foods so that their gut can cope more efficiently and recover more effectively.

DIGEST FIT provides all the healthy bacteria to restore and maintain the correct balance of the stomach flora.
o Refreshes the gut and cleans out unneeded properties and elements.
o Improves the digestion system during the intake of their daily feed.
o Relieves the pressure on the body due to overworking of the gut and enhances our pet’s ability to deal with other issues such as their performance and combating disease.
o Many owners are finding that feeding DIGEST FIT before competitions make their dogs “perky” and avoids the pet becoming lethargic and/or apathetic in connections with competitions.
o Helps to repair loss of appetite

What makes DIGEST FIT so effective?
DIGEST FIT provides a dose of highly effective bacteria that secrete enzymes, which break down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates into easily absorbed nutrients. DIGEST FIT also provides probiotic bacteria that help prevent pathogenic bacteria from becoming harmful. DIGEST FIT works to condition the gut and control gut acidity and alkalinity.

DIGEST FIT is available in 30ml syringes.

 For animal use only.