EQUI-HEEL - rain scald

EQUI-HEEL - rain scald

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  • Skin cream
  • Helps relieve Mud-rash
  • Natural soothing, herbal ointment
  • Aids the repair of broken skin and preventing scars

    EQUI-HEEL is an ointment for use on any area where skin has been harmed and for your horse’s skin that is exposed to wet and muddy conditions. It maintains its effect in adverse ground conditions. EQUI-HEEL contains extract of plantain, marigold oil and natural Vitamin E.

    How to prevent rain scald in horses 

    All animals can get scratches. Especially horses that frequently ride in the woods, through thickets and uneven terrain, have an increased probability of getting tears, cuts, etc. Even when the horses are in their stalls, small wounds can occur from the construction. Animals that generally spend a lot of time in muddy areas have an increased risk of being affected by the bacteria that lie there. These bacteria can cause mud fever adn rain scald, but can be prevented with EQUI-HEEL. 

    Rain scald in horses can be a big irritation factor for the animal, but can be prevented by the active ingredients in the cream. Marigold extract, plantain and vitamin E all help to kill bad bacteria and create the conditions for good, regenerating bacteria. 

    If you want the best of the best for your horse, you can use SHIN-EZE and PEAK CREAM for good reason. SHIN-EZE helps the horse's blood flow to the shins and aids injuries, while PEAK CREAM counteracts infection and pain. 

    We recommend EQUI-PEAK and/or DIGEST+ as a strong immune booster.

    Recommended Use:

    Apply EQUI-HEEL as required to wounds, cuts, grazes and cracked skin. Rather more than too little.


    EQUI-HEEL comes in a 500g container.

    For animal use only.

      Active Ingredients:
      Marigold extract, Plantain extract and Vitamin E.


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