peakhorse Wind Eze Breathing Equine Supplement


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    • LIQUID   Eliminates coughs
    • Relieves stuffiness
    • Opens airways
    • Ideal for Pre-sale prep

    50 days Supply in 1 litre

    Feed WIND-EZE to horses that show signs of stuffiness at exercise and to horses that need more time and effort to reach fitness. WIND-EZE works by reducing the resistance to the inflow and outflow of air to and from the horse’s respiratory system.

    WIND-EZE contains Iodinated Glycerol, Potassium Iodide and Eucalyptus Oil which, a powerful combination for your horses breathing.

    Recommended Dosage:

      • 20ml as required. We recommend a maximum of 3 x 20ml per day.
      • Give in feed or orally using syringe provided.


    WIND-EZE is available in liquid form in 1 litre and 5 litres containers. We supply an oral syringe for administration with the 1 litre bottles.

    Active Ingredients

    Iodinated Glycerol,  Potassium Iodide Glycerine,  Eucalyptus Oil.

    For animal use only.



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